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Friday, July 27, 2012

Controversial Sweetners

So when it comes to sweetners with the paleo lifestyle, its always a contraversial topic. Some people believe no sweetners at all others say only honey. I personally prefer coconut palm sugar. The glycemic index says natural honey hits a 50. Maple syrup is 54. Cane sugar 64 (can't eat it anyway, just adding so you can see the numbers on a scale) and coconut palm sugar is at a 34. Palm sugar/ nectar is made the same as maple syrup. Tapping the coconut palm tree, extracting the sap and boiling it to syrup. Same process different trees both delicious! I find it easier to make the desserts with palm sugar. Taste more like a light brown sugar. Every dessert I've developed made with palm sugar has been awesome. I purchase mine online usually from: Or

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