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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paleo and Children

When my daughter turned 3 years old, I took her to the doctor for her typical check up. The doctor asked the usual questions about her and I explained how she was a difficult child. She never listened (never, I would have to repeat myself at least 20 times before she would do anything I asked) constantly throwing temper tantrums, was straight up mean and would be so incredibly difficult to put to bed at night. She would wake up at 7am and go all day long (no naps either) and finally go down at 11pm. That is not enough sleep for a 3 year old child. So anyway, the doctor wanted to put her on A.D.H.D medication. I refused. I do not believe any child should be put on such harsh medications at such a young age. Then we learned of the Paleo way and changed her diet instantly. 2 days on the diet, her preschool teacher came to me and asked me what kind of medication I put Skylei on because it really seems to be working. She was much calmer, easier to control, went to sleep like a normal child and wasn't mean! Before she would eat pancakes for breakfast, mac n' cheese for lunch and cheese burger for dinner. Nothing good, nothing but gluten, gluten, gluten... And the cause of that would be her kicking her baby brother Sylis while he was just learning to crawl. I typically do not have any issues with her anymore, aside from her being a typical child. The transformation is absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend everyone who follows the Paleo diet to do it with the whole family! Not just Mom and Dad, Everyone! My doctor was telling me the kids should be eating whole grain and rice... But I see the effects of it. If we have a cheat day (very very seldom) all of us, both kids, my husband and myself always feel: lazy, sleepy to the point we don't even want to leave bed, headaches, stomach/abdominal pains. The kids will instantly go back to being crazy, mean and uncontrolable. Not worth it in the least, in my opinion anyways. I prefer my kiddos to be sweet, kind, love-able. Make the change and see the difference!

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